Scandinavian Project Engineering AB, founded in 2014 in Norrköping, Sweden, is a network company that sells consulting services for projects in the energy branch, mainly project management, technical coordination, process and plant design and engineering.

The company is the distributor for the services rendered by SST India Private Limited in the areas of Design & Detailed Engineering and Information Management System development for industrial plants and facilities covering the Scandinavian countries Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark.

SST has its roots in the USA, based in San Jose, California with a branch at Houston. SST’s flagship pipe stress software CAEPIPE is widely used worldwide including by numerous companies in Scandinavia. SST India is a service-oriented company based in Bangalore with branch offices. SST is highly skilled in plant layout engineering on 3D systems including routing of pipes, ducts, cable trays and cables for electrical and instrumentation & control systems. SST is internationally known for pipe stress analysis and support engineering. Design of steel structures with associated structural analysis is also a part of SST services. In addition, SST customizes standard 2D and 3D plant design software readily available in the market, integrates them to meet each client’s requirements, and delivers and commissions client-specific Plant Information Management System.

The business plan is to offer services for various types of projects directed towards the market sectors Conventional & Nuclear Power Plants, Oil & Gas including Offshore, Pulp & Paper and Petrochemical projects. The idea is to interact with customers, be flexible and find projects and design solutions with high quality that are also cost-effective to customers. Through cost-effective solutions, we believe that projects can be created that would otherwise not happen.

Scandinavian Project Engineering AB can through its network of partners find a customized team of skilled and experienced engineers in various fields such as process design, piping design, electrical & automation, installation and commissioning.

Since this is a network company, the plan is to find new partners in Scandinavia who see opportunities in cooperating with us.

Scandinavian Project Engineering AB (in collaboration with SST India Private Limited) is Sellihca qualified (ID 115095) for providing Services for the market sectors listed above, including meeting the specific requirements of OKG/E.ON and Vattenfall.