Scandinavian Project Engineering AB offers customized services in various fields. Our goal is to satisfy customers with technical solutions that are of high quality and cost effective.

Below are the areas where we offer our services.

Concepts and Basic Engineering

  • Project planning and cost evaluation for nuclear power plants and non-nuclear heat and power projects
  • Process design, including development of Piping & Instrument Diagrams (P&ID), and system descriptions
  • Mechanical Design Prerequisites (KFM) development work (including Dynamic Load reports) related to Swedish Nuclear Power Plants
  • Preparation of specifications for Piping, Insulation, Valves, Instruments, etc.

Project Management

  • Project Management, including control, reporting and follow-up
  • Technical coordination (between customer and suppliers / partners)
  • Management and supervision of commissioning activities related to nuclear power plants, including identification and compilation of tests, time & resource planning, development of test documentation and coordination with installation managers
  • Contract Management with combination of technical & legal understanding

Detailed Engineering

Plant Layout, Piping Design & Engineering

  • Design of complete fluid based Plant Layout including generation of:
    • Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams (P&IDs)
    • Pressure drop calculations and pump sizing for piping systems
    • Composite Equipment and Piping / Tubing Layout Drawings (GAs)
    • Layout Drawings for Structures, Cable Trays and Ducts
    • Piping / Tubing Isometrics and Spools
    • Reports including Line List, Valve List, Instrument List, Bill of Materials etc.
  • Design and Detail Engineering of Equipment, Piping / Tubing and Supports to Piping / Tubing
    • Equipment design using ASME Section VIII, API, NEMA, TEMA etc.
    • Piping / Tubing design and stress analysis using ANSI, ASME Section III, European & other codes for weight, thermal, wind and other static loads
    • Piping / Tubing Support design and analyses (including ASME Section III)
    • Evaluation of existing piping installations and modifications
    • Design and stress analysis of fiberglass reinforced piping (FRP)
  • Design and analysis of piping / tubing systems, structures and equipment (mechanical and electrical) for all types of dynamic loads, as applicable, including:
  • Pump excitation
  • Seismic (earthquake)
  • Fluid hammer
  • Slug flow
  • Safety valve release
  • Other impact and shock loads
  • Analysis of Nozzle connections
    • Nozzles on vessels, exchangers and tanks
    • Nozzles for pumps, compressors and turbines
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) for determination of flow characteristics in Piping & Ducting systems and Mechanical equipment

Preparation of Intelligent P&IDs and 3D Plant Model

  • Customization of 2D and 3D plant design software to suit project requirements
  • Intelligent P&ID database development and drafting using P&ID software and generation of reports such as line list, valve list, equipment list, instrument list etc.
  • Creation of 3D plant model comprising of civil / structures, equipment, piping / tubing, ducting, cable trays, supports etc. using 3D Plant Design tools such as PDMS, CADMATIC, etc.
  • Development of Intelligent 3D plant model from Point Cloud data (generated by Lasergrammetry system) and relevant documents for operating brown-field plants
  • Check for consistency between P&ID and 3D model, and clash detection
  • Generation of plot plans, GA drawings, layout drawings, isometrics, spools, detail drawings for supports and reports such as Bill of Materials from 3D model
  • Attachment of information to intelligent P&IDs and 3D models
  • Integration of P&IDs and 3D models with client’s in-house and third party software
  • Walk-through, animation of construction sequences and progress monitoring
  • Animation of dismantling and assembly sequences for equipment, useful for installation

Civil & Structural Design & Analysis

  • Layout of Concrete & Steel Structures in 3D
  • Structural Design & Analysis
  • Design and Qualification of Supports to Equipment, Ducting and Cable Trays
  • Design and Qualification of Embedded Parts
  • Generation of GA drawings, joint detailing, fabrication drawings, BOM etc.

Electrical Design

  • Layout of Electrical Cable Trays and Supports
  • Layout of Electrical Buildings in 3D for High Tension / Low Tension Switchgear, Panels etc.
  • Cable Routing and Scheduling
  • Outdoor Switchyard / Substation Design
  • 3D Layout and Extraction of Drawings & Bill of Quantities

Control & Instrumentation (C&I) Design

  • Identify relevant information from P&IDs
  • Layout of Instruments, Junction Boxes & Control Panels
  • Instrument and Control Valve Lists
  • Instrumentation Data Sheets
  • Layout of C&I Cable Trays and Supports
  • Cable Routing and Scheduling
  • 3D Layout and Extraction of Drawings & Bill of Quantities

INFOplant™: Integrated Plant Information Management System

The INFOplant system integrates information (data, drawings and documents) related to design, engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning and other downstream activities of any industrial plant.

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Procurement Management

  • Component specifications for procurement of valves, pumps, compressors, heat exchangers and tanks
  • Functional specifications for major functional delivery procurement, for example boilers with auxiliary equipment, piping systems, water treatment facilities
  • Functional specifications for procurement of Site service work, for example mechanical installation work and chemical boiler tube cleaning (pickling)

Life Extension Studies

  • Production of requalification / reclassification reports of reused mechanical equipment in connection to power increase projects
  • Residual Lifetime Analysis (RLA) studies including Creep Analysis and Crack Propagation Analysis